Endovascular simulation training

“Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness” – Malcom Gladwell 


With the right tools, coaches and processes we can achieve true mastery in a field. If your objective is to become the master at something, what would you do?
VIST Control Box endovascular simualtion

Simulation is the ultimate training tool. It is:


  • Reproducible - Replication of variables 
  • Measurable - Assessment metrics
  • Safe - No live patient, no radiation, no risk.
cardiovascular simulation training

Constant learning fosters


  • Support improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced procedure times
  • Reduced mistakes 
  • Reduced costs 


Be in the forefront by improving procedural outcome 

Endovascular simulation training

Simulation allows


  • Real scenario step-by-step learning
  • Discuss, reflect and elaborate
  • Act upon real procedural critical challenges
  • A safe and inspiring environment that research highlights ‘improves the patient outcome’


Confident students that achieve faster proficiency 

healthcare training simulation

Use simulation to


  • Ensure that students are ready for real procedures
  • Assist experienced physicians with new procedural proficiency 
  • Identify shortcomings and help improve those areas
  • Identify and reduce  common challenges 


Create awareness and understanding for unique learning requirements 

endovascular simulation training

Use Simulation to


  • Create a safe environment for cross-functional training
  • Document  and improve your processes and procedures 
  • Team ‘stress tests’ 
  • Create real-life challenges 


 Confident and capable teams handle more complex situations

cardiovascular simulation training
  • Support experienced physicians in new techniques   
  • Train teams in new procedures
  • Test unique, challenging and complex cases 


Increase knowledge of all possible scenarios and serve patients better 

VIST G5 simulator

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