The Mentice VIST®-Lab is our high-end stationary simulation solution, combining realism, ergonomics and ultimate flexibility. VIST®-Lab is the optimal solution for realistic work flow and team training, and mimics the lab environment. The solution includes a full body mannequin with femoral, radial and subclavian/jugular access options. The previous 4 monitor set-up is now replaced with 1 ultra-high-definition (4K UHD) screen that allows 8.3 million pixels to display fluoro, cine and vital signs.


As the screen can be separated from the VIST-Lab table it offers various staff constellations the opportunity to train more efficiently as well as gain easier access to the left femoral and subclavian sites. Controlling everything during a training procedure is easy as you only need to use the single, sensitive, crystal clear HD touch screen display.


Update highlights

  • Create a more realistic clinical set-up with the large, new 50” 4k UHD screen
  • Improved flexibility thanks to the new screen which can be moved around separately to provide easier access and set-up for team training and left femoral or subclavian approach
  • Improved usability with a new 23 inch HD touch screen that is more sensitive and delivers improved user interface control.


Mentice-VIST-Lab-A0015551-no-scan   Mentice VIST-Lab head   VIST-Lab-Mentice-1   Mentice-VISt-Lab-3-pers-serious2-100x100

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