Mentice at CIRSE 2020

Mentice at CIRSE 2020

Join us for the interventional radiology virtual congress: The cutting edge of modern medicine

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Customization for Medical Device Industry

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Featured Products



VIST® G7 - The endovascular simulator for clinicians and medical professionals

The latest generation of endovascular simulators supporting all our software training modules. Using HapticRealism™ technology to bring you unmatched force range and accuracy, we have created the optimal environment for:

  • Proficiency-based training
  • Patient-specific simulation
  • Objective skills assessment
Integrating the device with leading angio systems goes one step further in providing the most realistic simulation for interventional procedures on the market.

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Transradial Approach - Transition from transfemoral to transradial access

Focused on the challenges associated with the radial approach (TRA), this solution will help you become equally proficient and confident with TRA and make it a more adopted approach in your daily practice. Evidence shows that TRA poses a significantly lower risk for vascular complications than transfemoral, e.g. lower bleeding and mortality, and offers other benefits such as:

  • Improved patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Shorter length of stay
  • Reduced hospital costs



IR clinical modules to help you stay proficient and acquire new skills for IR procedures

  • Aortic: EVAR, TEVAR
  • Embolotherapy: PAE, TACE, UAE
  • Peripheral: Below-the-knee Intervention, Iliac/SFA Intervention, Peripheral Angiography, Renal Denervation, Renal Intervention
  • Trauma: Vascular Trauma Management

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Combine remote online learning with simulation with the Mentice Live Learning Center 

Build and extend the reach of your curriculum by leveraging our TeleTraining and TeleProctoring capabilities. From one-on-one proctoring to large virtual classrooms, you can now connect from any device – anytime and anywhere.

With Remote Connect you'll be able to:

  • Broadcast directly from a VIST® simulator
  • Create recordings for educational material
  • Instruct trainees remotely so they can more efficiently reach training targets



VIST® Virtual Patient – Integrate a virtual patient with your angio lab

Rehearse interventional procedures and acquire new skills using a virtual patient without harm to you, your team, your patient, or your equipment. The VIST® Virtual Patient seamlessly integrates an endovascular simulator with world leading angiography systems. Whether you are getting up to speed with a new X-ray system, exploring new techniques and procedures, or refining processes to improve outcomes, this software offers you a safe, immersive, and radiation-free environment.


Customization for Medical Device Industry



Custom medical device solutions for clinical training, research, and marketing

We provide customized medical device simulation projects to help you promote new products and train interventionalists on proper use. From tablet solutions, to ultra-portable haptic simulators, to advanced bifurcation platforms, to the introduction of training in the angio-suite. Contact us to see how we can help you to drive device proficiency and volume.

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Sessions & Live Demos

Demo - Transradial Approach

Make the transition from transfemoral to transradial access

Evidence shows that transradial access (TRA) poses a lower risk for vascular complications than transfemoral and can lead to lower hospital costs by shortening patients' length of stay. Watch this demo to find out how to make TRA a more adopted approach in your daily practice.


Host: Alessandro Cafasso, Product Manager

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Demo - TACE

Guided TACE procedure with minimum radiation exposure

Watch this demo to learn how to perform liver embolization in a time-efficient way, within the permitted radiation dose, using simulation.


Host: Kyle Mulgrew, Customer Service Specialist

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Workshop 1301 - Radial Access

Sunday, September 13, 2020

17:30 - 18:30 CEST

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the advantages of radial access vs. femoral access
  • Learn the single steps of radial access
  • Learn about the potential complications
  • Understand when to use radial access


Moderator: Lars Lönn, Interventional Radiologist

Demo - PAE

Optimally prepare for PAE – simulate in the cathlab

PAE is a challenging procedure with a steep learning curve, requiring detailed anatomical knowledge and highly developed microcatheter and microwire skills. Watch this demo to learn how you can successfully implement simulation in the cath lab utilizing Mentice VIST® Virtual Patient to optimize clinical pathways in a safe, radiation free, and immersive PAE training session.


Host: Dominic Steffel, Sr. Product Manager & Lars Lönn, Interventional Radiologist

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Demo - Mentice Live Learning Center

Combine the power of remote learning with endovascular simulation

Whether you are creating remote learning activities for one-on-one proctoring or large virtual classrooms, watch this demo to see how the new Learning Center platform can support you and your students.


Host: Johan Lindkvist, Product Portfolio Manager & Lee Ann Johnson, Education Coordinator

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