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Through the use of simulation, Mentice Clinical Support and Education Services can work with you

to help your organization develop and deliver training programs on your products!

Helping you deliver impactful training

Providing Hands-On Experience for Physicians critical to early product adoption and brand preference. Together with you we can deliver training that quickly expands physicians’ knowledge of your new products and associated procedures. Working with you we create and deliver a program to provide them with hands-on, realistic product training. They learn how your product works and feels, and gain crucial

  • Train physicians on new products 
  • Support fast adoption of new products 
  • Provide hands-on experience of your products 
  • Promote safe use of your products
  • Provide in-depth education on use and complication management

Training your sales and marketing teams

Professional-level simulation can dramatically improve the impact of your teams’ communication to any audience. Mentice programs can showcase features and benefits in a way that is credible, engaging and memorable. Our approach typically involves two steps. First we work with your product specialists to ensure the training program is aligned with your positioning and strategy. We then train your sales teams through a combination of practical and theoretical instruction.

Delivering training to your in-house/existing trainer

If you already have a trainer/training team, we can show them how to best employ simulation in their own training. They will learn how to use simulation to sell your products while simultaneously learning how to teach others. This service also lets you handle temporary increases in training demands connected with product launches.



Training Options for your Teams 

Basic Endovascular Skills Training

For staff with little or no medical knowledge we offer basic endovascular training. Participants learn basic anatomy, and the roles within and layout of a cath lab. The program gives participants a solid grounding before they progress to product and procedural training.

  • Deliver a basic introduction to the endovascular space
  • Build a broad base of healthcare knowledge
  • Create a solid foundation for future development


Product and Procedural Training  

Whatever your staff’s existing knowledge level, product and procedural training will increase their confidence when demonstrating and selling advanced technology. We recommend continuous training throughout a product’s lifecycle, to ensure your teams’ competence stays abreast of procedural and product developments. Participants should have basic endovascular knowledge prior to undergoing product and procedural training.

  • Introduce and develop product and procedural
    knowledge; refresher/continuous training also available
  • Simulate new or difficult procedures
  • Teach participants how to effectively differentiate your
    products against competitive offering

On-site Hospital Training

An on-site program provides full procedural training to multiple disciplines within the cath lab environment for your teams. This training focuses on two key areas: communication within the team, and complication management and responsibilities. Our experts work with you to select the procedure and products used.

  • Expose your team to an immersive environment
  • Deliver team training across multiple disciplines
  • Introduce your team to complicated procedures
  • Teach complication management
  • Help gain awareness of cath lab environment