Complex PCI Virtual Patients & Immersive learning in the daily clinical practice


Experience the thoughts and challenges of your Cardiology peers and be inspired on how to take the next step by adopting evidence-based best practices into your daily clinical practice.


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Social Series #1
The new reality: Complex coronary intervention in virtual patients

3 minute preview video


Social Series #2

What is the future of Interventional Cardiology education and training and adoption?

Watch the full discussion where Prof. Jens Lassen highlights more key points from the 2020 Core Curriculum for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (developed by the European Association of PCIs).


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Prof. Dr. Jens Flensted Lassen presentation


Social Series #3

How do thought leaders in cardiology move past the see one, do one, teach one model with simulation?

Watch the full video to see how Prof. Iqbal Malik recreates the clinical environment to yield the best translation to real clinical practice.


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Prof. Dr. Iqbal Malik presentation

Social series #4

Immersive simulation yields effective training within a risk-free environment, critical for better decision-making in clinically complex scenarios.

Watch the full video where Prof. Holger Nef talks through the procedure, all the while gaining a better understanding of bifurcation strategy and hemodynamic assessment, and of course, improving operator technical skill to new standards.


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Blog: Why More Cardiologists use Simulation for Clinically Complex Scenarios



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Prof. Dr. Holger Nef presentation

Whether you are getting up to speed with a new x-ray system, exploring new techniques, or refining processes to improve outcomes, the VIST® Virtual Patient offers an immersive and radiation-free environment


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