Company Data Protection Policy 2018:1


For us at Mentice it is important that you feel confident with how we treat your personal data in a secure and legal way. This Data Protection Policy explains how Mentice collects and uses your personal data. The policy also describes the various rights that you have and how you can invoke these rights.

All processing of your personal data is in accordance with applicable legislation. This means, among other things, that Mentice protects your personal information with the necessary measures and that you are always entitled to contact us to find out what personal information we have saved about you. You can read more about your rights in this policy. You can also visit where you can read more about your rights. If you have any questions about our processing of your personal information, please contact us at (

As data controller, Mentice AB, corporate identity No. 556556-4241 (”Mentice”) is responsible for your personal data and protects your personal integrity.

Mentice collects personal information that you provide to us when you are in contact with us via our website, e-mail, mail, our social media or otherwise. This may happen when you subscribe to our newsletters, when you or your company contact us to concerning our services or products or if you apply for a job at our company. Mentice may also receive your personal data from other sources, such as administrative authorities or other public sources.

Mentice processes the personal information provided to us and / or collected by us. It may be the name, e-mail address, telephone number, electronic addresses, address details, date of birth, social security number, ID number, bank details, CV, personal letter and / or other information that you have submitted to Mentice or is in general necessary for Mentice to be able to fulfill their commitments and services to you.

Your personal data may be processed by Mentice for the following purposes:

  • To get in contact with you.
  • To process an order or issue a quotation.
  • To fulfill our obligations in accordance with the services that you use from Mentice and our service in other respects to you.
  • To provide sufficient service for you e.g. by responding to questions that you may have.
  • To send relevant information and offers about Mentice’s various services and arrangements such as seminars and to update you with our newsletters.
  • To use as basic data for invoicing or to debit a purchase at our digital payment platform.
  • To handle eventual failures in the payment process.
  • To comply with applicable legislation.
  • To keep statistics in order to make our services better for as many as possible and for you.
  • For internal identification such as contract number, internal or official customer number.
  • To administrate and manage job applications.

Mentice is entitled to process the personal data required for the fulfillment of Mentice commitment to you, if you have given consent to the process or if the process has a legitimate interest for the Mentice. Mentice may also need to process your personal data due to requirements in law or regulation.

Your personal information is used by Mentice and the Personal Data Assistants authorized by Mentice. Mentice does not transfer any personal data to other companies or authorities if Mentice are not required to do so by law, regulation or official decision or to protect our rights or a third party’s rights, if the transfer to third parties aligns with our commitments towards you. Mentice never forward or sell your personal data for marketing purposes to third parties.

Mentice may transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA if that is specifically stated when you submit your personal information to us or if such transfer is necessary.In this situation Mentice will apply Standard Contractual Clauses.

Mentice only saves your personal information as long as it is necessary for Mentice to fulfill the purpose of the process in each case.

You are entitled at any time (free of charge once a year) to request information about what type of personal information Mentice has saved about you (extract of files). Your request must reach us in a written document and include your name, social security number / identification number and be signed for in your name.

If your personal information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to request correction. You also have the right to have your personal information deleted. However, Mentice cannot delete your personal information if there is a statutory requirement for storage, such as accounting rules, or when there are other legitimate reasons why personal data must be saved.

You may at any time withdraw your consent that allows Mentice to process your personal information.

Request for extract of files, information, correction of incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant personal data and deletion of personal data must be sent to (

You also have the right to lodge complaints with the relevant supervisory authority for processing personal data (the Swedish Data Inspection / Integrity Protection Authority).

Mentice is obliged to have appropriate technical and organizational safety and to take all measures required in each case to protect your personal data and ensure that persons authorized to process personal data are under an appropriate obligation of confidentiality in accordance with current legislation.

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