SLICE Worldwide

Join us as we participate at SLICE Next Frontiers focused on practical simulations of hemorrhagicpathologies and treatment for aneurysms 2023!

12-13 October, 2023

Solutions that support interventionalists to develop and sustain high performing and optimized teams

Device training

Bespoke development for virtual device & anatomical rendering and physiological vessel replication.

New procedures

Broaden the team’s knowledge and their ability to use devices specific to patient selection.

Latest innovative interventions

Keep the team up to date with the latest procedures and techniques

Team stress training

Stress-test your team and ensure communication, processes, techniques, work

Complication management

Challenge the team and equip them to handle any complications

Rare procedural training

Prepare the team to optimally manage rare cases

Radiation training

Assess and reduce radiation exposure for your team and patients

Product Showcase

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SLICE Worldwide


12-13 October, 2023