healthcare device industry simulation
  • Train at launch of innovative devices 
  • Use therapeutic simulation scenarios to trigger clinical discussions 
  • Communicate features and benefits through hands-on experience


Create launch impact 

healthcare device industry simulation
  • Design training and communication events targeted at referral communities 
  • Engage in meaningful product conversations with KOL and junior interventionists
  • Use exclusive time to discuss with KOL
  • Integrate KOL feedback in marketing strategy


Extend adoption 

healthcare device industry simulation
  • Design exhaustive training on new devices and procedures 
  • Increase trainees’ self-confidence by using the device in simulation 
  • Bring new hires up to speed 
  • Provide consistent global training with our easily portable devices 


Achieve organizational excellence and expertise 

healthcare device industry simulation
  • Replace all or some of your costly and inefficient animal training events
  • Save on cost of demo devices
  • Save on clinical trials recruitment time


Significant cost and time savings 

healthcare device industry simulation
  • Learn about doctors’ needs by observing simulated procedures
  • Virtual prototype to validate your new product development process
  • Prepare investigators for clinical trials 
  • Integrating simulation in roll-out plan communicated to competent authorities and notified bodies creates credibility



healthcare device industry simulation

We have plenty of examples of successful industry experiences with our simulators.


Contact Mentice for a comprehensive demonstration of industry customized offering and how simulation can integrate with your strategy. 

healthcare device industry simulation

State-of-the-art simulation platforms customized to:


  • Your devices and their behaviors 
  • Use of your real handles
  • Anatomies of your choice
  • Selected procedural and technical complications
  • Add meaningful drug regimen and vitals 
  • Progress through procedural steps, decision scenarios
  • Growing interactivity to include feedbacks and alerts 
  • Your own branding

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