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Mentice has made a series of clinical ideas videos. We have shared them on our YouTube channel where they can be found under playlist.

These videos will provide you with inspiration and education, or you can simply share them with your colleagues and fellow simulation staff. We have started our first round of videos with:


  •          Procedure Communication
  •          Understanding the User Interface
  •          Basic Catheter Skills
  •          Procedure Report
  •          Patient Recorder and Monitoring Report
  •          Role Reversal
  •          Understanding the Metric Report
  •          Basic Sheaths and Catheters

Mentice Clinical Videos


All of these topics are discussed using the Mentice Simulator and demonstrate its broad range of usage as well as the many different audiences you can have. We hope they inspire you to do great work and that you feel free to share it with us!


Chris Burri

Written by Chris Burri