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Mentice blog on ionising radiation

We would like to share this amazing video that brings home the message on a personal level to all users in vascular labs.



Invisible impact: The risk of ionising radiation on cath lab staff


"This video from the Organization for Occupational Radiation Safety in Interventional Fluoroscopy (ORSIF) tells the story of one of the world’s most prominent cardiovascular surgeons, Edward Diethrich, and the career-altering health issues he has faced as a result of chronic, low-level exposure to ionising radiation through his work."

Source: Cardiovascular News, Wednesday, 08 Jul 2015.


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The Mentice Radiation Safety plug-in is designed for physicians, nurses, and technicians who use interventional fluoroscopy equipment.

Learning proper radiation reduction techniques is critical for all interventional procedures.




Mentice Radiation Safety Trainer


Radiation carries with it serious risks both to the medical team and the patient. The incidence of lens opacities after several years of work in a cath lab can be up to 40-50%, and unintended use of extreme doses to patients can cause life-changing injuries.


 This is how the Radiation Safety Trainer module works!






Lotta Sernryd

Written by Lotta Sernryd

Marketing Coordinator at Mentice