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VIST Refresher Course

Maximize your knowledge about your VIST system

The Mentice Support Team will hold an instructional course of the VIST system during our annual User Meeting. While this training is included with a purchase of a new system it is understood that not all users are present. Possibly you have new users that were not part of the initial installation. 

For the new users you can get familiar with functionality, ask questions, and get some practice. For the advanced users you can bring your knowledge and try to stump our Service Team! 

This will be a hands on course with lots of interaction!

You do not need to attend the User Meeting to take full advantage of this one day course.

“How To” and “Can I”

All questions from all level of users will be answered during the session. The Mentice team will cover all functionality and tools!

If you see something you don’t have we can work with you individually to figure out why.  Great opportunity for you to ensure you have everything you need when you return back to your system.

If you see something your users would benefit from, let us know and we can get you all the information to bring back to them.

This is our first offering of the refresher course as a remote training and if as popular as we think, we will make plans to hold future courses more often!

Register here for Mentice user meeting 2015 and be sure to get your free ticket for the Train the Trainer Workshop!


We are excited to have you join us and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Your Mentice team!

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Ben Speich

Written by Ben Speich

Mentice Global Customer Support Manager


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