Mentice joins SESAM in Lisbon 2016

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Mentice is once again proud to be at the forefront of advances in medical simulation, in joining the inspiring SESAM  (The Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine) Congress in Lisbon from June 15-17th.

We have made some impressive headway in recent months and we are keen to show you still more developments.

Look for us there to see our new, cutting edge solution to the global challenge of effectively treating Acute Ischemic Stroke, in a safe, measurable and reproducible environment.

Test your skills! Perform a carotid angiography and measure yourself to the crowd as we help you appreciate the trend to proficiency training in interventional medical procedures.

Our endovascular Team Training is unsurpassed with possibilities for the cath lab teams to share critical clinical knowledge in emergency procedures such as Acute Stroke, AMI and Abdominal Trauma.


Mentice joins SESAM in Lisbon 2016 - Belem Tower 

Build confidence, knowledge and response times - raise team performance


Gone are the days of the operator being the only expert- try your hand at a technical procedure to raise team performance by increasing communication & anticipation of needs.

Build confidence, knowledge and response times  for yourself and your colleagues in stressful scenarios by experiencing the value of simulation, to enhance performance and improve outcomes.


Manage the invisible impact of radiation - increase Your safety


Increasingly evident are the concerns around radiation protection, not only for the patient but also for the lifelong exposure of those who work in the interventional field of medicine.

The Invisible Impact of fluoroscopy exposure is evident with our Radiation Safety program designed to promote awareness through accurate heat maps to persons in the cath lab, during the simulated procedure. See for yourselves how important it is to practice specific techniques to reduce radiation and learn new skills in a safe and reproducible environment, benefiting all involved in the endovascular procedure.

 Mentice brings a value beyond price to the healthcare community, driving better outcomes through continuous professional development using sophisticated technology. How can you afford not to be using this simulation?

Come and see for yourselves in Lisbon in June.


Time: June 15-17

City/Country: Lisbon, Portugal

Venue: Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

Topics: Events

Meg Blogg

Written by Meg Blogg

Vice President, Global Marketing.


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