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Doctors practicing on a plastic patient

By Lotta Sernryd on Oct 19, 2015 1:00:00 AM

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It's very close to real life to practice on the Mentice VIST-Lab.


Mentice VIST-Lab at Aalborg University Hospital Video


Watch the video from Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark how they are using train to practice on simulators.





"I get experience with the equipment, which means that when I get to patients I can perform the operation in a quicker and safer way.

A quicker operation means less use of x-ray and contrast."

Jeppe Grondahl Rasmussen
Aalborg University Hospital



Mentice paper on the most interesting papers about endovascular simulation by Prof Lönn


Lotta Sernryd

Written by Lotta Sernryd

Marketing Coordinator at Mentice