Daniel and Dominic from our Product Team present all the details of what’s new in this recorded release webinar.

Watch our recorded release webinar

Daniel and Dominic from our Product Team present all the details of what’s new in this recorded release webinar.


Radiation Safety

The Mentice Radiation Safety plug-in is designed for physicians, nurses, and technicians who use interventional fluoroscopy equipment. Radiation carries with it serious risks both to the medical team and the patient. The incidence of lens opacities after several years of work in a cath lab can be up to 40-50%, and unintended use of extreme doses to patients can cause life-changing injuries. Learning proper radiation reduction techniques is therefore critical for all interventional procedures.

Product highlights

  • Realistic and safe radiation safety training
  • Hands-on training to newly-hired or current staff
  • Hospital credentialing and privileging
  • Skill center radiation training for nurses and techs
  • Implementing an effective radiation safety program

Procedural training objectives

  • Balancing between delivered dose and image quality – ALARA principle
  • Understanding deterministic and stochastic effects
  • Understanding when and why high doses occur
  • Adjusting table and detector height for optimal exposure
  • Use of LIH, pulse rate and dose level to limit fluoroscopy dose
  • Proper use of cine and DSA, frame rate and fluoro store
  • Use of magnification, collimation, wedge filters, and virtual guidance
  • Reducing dose for steep angulation or large patients
  • Varying beam angle and keeping extremities out of the beam
  • Awareness of staff positions relative to direct beam and scatter
  • Learning the benefits of using protective wear and shielding
  • Lowering dose throughout the case, not just after a notification

Download our Radiation Safety product sheet here: Download


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VIST Control Box

The Mentice Control Box is a plug-and-play control panel that can be used with all of the user’s installed training modules. The design and layout is based on modern cath lab equipment and offers full manipulation of table and C-arm, as well as imaging management functions like collimation, fluoro store and roadmaps. The possibility to adjust dose level and a button to silence fluoro alarms help increase realism and radiation safety awareness. Separate joysticks for collimators and wedge filters are available to improve realism and usability. Biplane fluoroscopy can also be directly controlled and managed via the Mentice Control Box to allow an intuitive fluoroscopy management in complex procedures. The Mentice Control Box adds a wide range of new functionality and training value to any procedure and, used in combination with the Mentice Radiation Safety plug-in, creates the ideal learning environment for effective radiation safety training.

Product highlights

  • Intuitive, user-friendly layout based on real equipment
  • Adds a new level of realism to all your Mentice modules
  • Advanced fluoroscopy and radiation management

Download our VIST Control Box product sheet here: Download

Update of all 18 standard training modules

With this update we increase the value of all training modules. We have added a new Controls tab, which concentrates on a clear layout and ease of use. At the same time it offers more functionality like advanced collimation (added wedge filters), management of masks/roadmaps as well as functions to train on delivering less radiation dose to the patient.

We also implemented general improvements like performance enhancements and biplane controls and visualizations. In addition the update add support for the new VIST Control Box.

Update highlights

  • Increased value for all 18 standard training modules
  • New Controls tab with new and advanced functionality
    • Easy to use, clear layout
    • Collimation management
    • Series and mask management
    • Essentials for radiation safety
    • General improvements
      • Performance
      • Biplane, medications
      • Support for new VIST Control Box


How you can get access to the latest update

If you have premium support, you are entitled to an update of your current software. An email, with instructions, has been sent to your responsible system. For immediate access to information or help with your system, please contact support@mentice.com

If you have basic support, you need to upgrade to premium support yourself. Please contact sales@mentice.com for more information. To learn more about premium support, please visit Mentice Premium Support 

Thank you for putting your trust in us

We hope you find this update of value and we promise to continue to do our best to ensure the success of your practice. Thank you for putting your trust in us.

The Mentice Team



Lotta Sernryd

Written by Lotta Sernryd

Marketing Coordinator at Mentice