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German Stroke School expanding the reach of Mechanical Thrombectomy

By Mentice on Jan 7, 2022 2:00:00 PM

The German Stroke School is a DGNR initiative to meet the increasing demand for Interventional Neuroradiologists (INRs) trained to perform Mechanical Thrombectomy (MT).

MT is a life-saving procedure in which a clinical device is introduced into the affected brain's vasculature to remove a blood clot mechanically. With several significant studies published from 2015 to-present, MT has been proven to be a highly effective and preferable treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Yet, access to this method is still limited. One of the primary reasons behind the limited access is the scarcity of INRs trained to perform the procedure.  

Topics: Interventional Neuroradiology INR Mechanical Thrombectomy DGNR MT Acute Ischemic Stroke German Stroke School Dresden University Hospital Society