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Learning on real patients always comes with risk, and limited insight. Cardiologists are constantly seeking to innovate the ways in which they train for clinically complex scenarios within a safe environment. The more complex a procedure, the more simulation has been able to support interventional cardiologists decision making process and ultimately supporting an improved patient experience. 

In this webinar series, Cardiologist Prof Dr. Holger Nef walks us through an advanced complex left main stenosis. Prof. Nef seamlessly reviews his step-by-step strategy while using the Mentice VIST simulator, ARTIS Icono and a number of advanced imaging modalities on his procedural pathway:

  1. Hemodynamic Assessment
  2. Intravascular Imaging
  3. Bifurcation Strategy
  4. Operator Skill

During the video, Prof. Nef continues to draw various insights. Immerse yourself in the video and observe Prof. Nefs decision making process:

“This was completely radiation free, which is one of the important advantages of the system and I think with the system we can improve our skills not only from the inexperienced but also to experienced physicians.” - Prof. Holger Nef

Click below to watch the rest of the simulated virtual patient procedure.

1.CVC-Webinar_final (1)_Trim_HN


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Written by Mentice