Disrupting endovascular simulation as you know it

Bringing the Vascular Twin™ to life

The Mentice Vascular Twin™ will ultimately allow doctors to explore, test, and validate clinical procedures on a fully realistic, virtual replica of a real patient. While using patient and population data from various sources, the Vascular Twin™ will use advanced algorithms and AI to help maximize safety, quality, and outcome, while reducing the harm and cost of care to the actual patient. Here are some of the areas to be impacted by AI, machine learning, and big data analytics.

We are working tirelessly to offer expert guidance to human operators and robotics within the image guided therapy space. Our trade secrets, intellectual capital, and the tireless work around Machine Learning and AI offer a tremendous platform for growth and an opportunity for disrupting the endovascular simulation space.


The ability to capture operator data during a simulated intervention is an important factor in establishing a proficiency baseline for operators of all skill levels. Mentice is well positioned to offer certification solutions in partnership with medical device companies, health systems, and professional associations around the world.


With Mentice's ability to provide objective feedback based on all interaction data between an operator and our platform, we plan to offer our clients the unique ability to compare operator results to benchmarks set by our medical device partners. Health systems can now start capturing objective therapy data to drive procedural performance improvements.


New complex interventional therapies and imaging techniques necessitate a whole new level of operator accuracy. In close partnership with medical device companies and health systems, Mentice is well positioned to bring advanced simulation solutions to expert doctors inside the clinical practice for preoperative planning and case rehearsal.


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