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The VIST® OS is what brings the Mentice simulators to life. It is a state-of-the-art operating system that makes use of a proprietary Physics Engine and includes a medical device communications protocol, a third-party integration API, an applications communication layer, and an administrative tools platform.

The VIST® Physics Engine 

The VIST® Physics Engine consists of a vessels and instruments model and it uses Newtonian physics and proprietary mathematical equations that compute in real time the behavior of real medical devices while navigated through a complex vascular anatomy by an operator. At its core, it includes a rendering engine, a real-time equation solver, hundreds of anatomical variation models, hundreds of medical device models, interventional procedure models, and a fluid flow model. The engine makes use of a unique fluoro-rendering engine that replicates real imaging system characteristics such as noise levels.

With hundreds of work-years in the making, accuracy, realism, and performance are the key objectives to the VIST® Physics Engine.

Medical device communications protocol 

The platform is designed to integrate with medical devices across the spectrum of technology. The VIST® OS offers the communications protocol necessary to integrate real-life medical devices with the VIST® G Platform from the simplest to the most complex. Over the years, we have integrated hundreds of devices and handles into our simulators including custom integration work making handle dials, buttons, and external components behave exactly as if a real patient is being treated.

Third party integration API 

Our ability to extend the capabilities of the VIST® G Platform to third parties is unique to Mentice and the VIST® OS. Packaged under the name VIST® Vascular Patient Link, third party collaboration is now possible. Some of the first platform integrations to third parties include the integration of the VIST® G Platform with Siemens Healthineers, Philips Healthcare, and Laerdal.

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TEE Training Challenges & Solutions - Expert Talk

Co-hosted with Jens Schneider, Echocardiography Expert at the University Heart Center Freiburg, and owner of Ultraschallkurse, a training company specializing in echocardiography.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of echocardiography trends
  • Specific issues releated to TEE
  • TEE training challenges and solutions
  • Introduction to the Mentice VIST® One TEE




Webinar - TEE-1



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Product Highlight Video
Highly realistic images - VIST One TEE
Real-time ultrasound
Portability of VIST One TEE
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