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When you invest in a sophisticated tool, you want it to work as efficiently as possible.

Sign up for Premium Support and make sure your Mentice solution is up and running 24/7!

Maximize the uptime of your Mentice solution


Make sure that your system is available to users at all times

  • Preventive onsite maintenance visits – The Mentice Support Team will visit your site a minimum of once a year to make sure that your software is the latest version and your hardware is in perfect condition. Travel costs are included in Premium Support.
  • Hardware repairs including spare parts – If your hardware breaks down due to normal wear and tear, all repairs and travel costs are included in your cover.
  • Immediate remote software updates - New software for your specific system will become available online on Mentice’s release date for download. 


Protect your investment


Value insurance and software protection

  • Full access to all Mentice maintenance releases and standard software upgrades – Our objective is to constantly release updates. As an example, in 2014 we released more than 100 improvements.
  • Software transfer – When you upgrade your system, you don’t need to buy the software again.
  • Industry clients will always get access to generic new versions (upgrades) of your branded modules.


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Full access to Premium Support exclusive training videos, case books, support articles, white papers, etc.




We want you to be as successful as possible!

  • 50% discount on short-term rentals – Arrange and set up bigger events with additional systems.
  • 50% discount on short-term rentals – Arrange and set up bigger events with additional systems.
  • 50% discount on onsite training – A lot of new personnel? No worries, we offer onsite training programs.


All your issues solved easily


No matter what type of issue you have, we are here to help you! 

  • Online support portal - Access our online support portal with support articles, videos, instructions, manuals, inspiration, etc. Check out support.mentice.com
  • Email our support team 24/7
  • Call us
  • Remote Internet support where we connect to your system and solve the issue for you
  • Engineer visit at your site
  • Free system send in support 


Support for your unique installation


Branded software unique and custom-made support content collected at one location.

  • Online support portal - Access your unique section of the online support portal with your unique content.
  • Instant access – Your personnel and consultants will be able to access the content of the portal 24/7.
  • Password protected – Only authorized personnel can access the content.