Subscription as a strategic decision


Drop ownership and make the strategic decision to long-term value creation. We will be there with you.

Allow flexibility of use for the most demanding needs. Whether you are training residents and fellows or using simulation to maintain proficiency for low-volume procedures, you are not committed into a "buy-it and you own-it" model. With Mentice Simulation as a Service (SaaS) model, you have the flexibility to tune your training needs as you need to and keep your software always up to date. Flexibility. Scalability. Peace of mind.

What is Simulation as a Service?

With Simulation as a Service (SaaS) you access Mentice software licenses on an annual basis rather than access by one large upfront cost. When you subscribe to Mentice software, you will also get:

  • New releases, ongoing maintenance and security updates to keep you up and running
  • Ability to switch modules so that you can access what you need when you need it
  • Assissted support with remote diagnostics from Mentice® Care multi-language support engineers
  • Smart connected support to pinpoint problems, see trends, and operate more efficiently
Why customers prefer to subscribe:
  • Lower Upfront Costs: Start slow and scale up under a flexible annual subscription plan
  • Use the Latest Software Releases: Receive software updates and keep current
  • Shared Commitment to Success: Proactive support and services ensure success
  • Flexibility and Lower Upfront Costs: Scale up or change capabilities to meet your business needs
  • Branded Device Use: Use and deploy branded devices for specific therapies
  • Try Before You Buy: Receive complimentary trial of new modules as they become available
  • Capture Value: Extract higher value from your investment with flexibility

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