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Florida Hospital Installs a VIST® Lab Endovascular Simulator

When the cardiovascular institute teams saw the VIST® Lab, they wanted one. And now they have one. The simulator will give caregivers from across Florida Hospital the chance to go through consistent training, in a very realistic setting.

Different scenarios built into this technology will allow doctors and team members to practice interventional cardiology and endovascular procedures. Even for experienced doctors it's a way to brush up on new or older skills. Practice makes perfect.

When we get to a patient, when they really need that sort of expediency, efficiency of device deployment, and choosing the right patient for it, we already went through that already. The deployment is easy now.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, Interventional Cardiologist


They'll be able to come in, they'll be able to get that repetition... They're not going to have the pressure of other... physicians watching them. They'll be able to learn in a more relaxed environment.
Melanie Reynolds, RN
Clinical Educator
This gives us the opportunity to... simulate the case in a safe environment and then walk less than 15 feet away and actually provide the best opportunity, so that the patient will have a good outcome.
Barry Egolf, RN
Invasive Cardiology Manager

Florida Hospital added a VIST® Lab to their simulation center, steps away from the cath lab


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