Replicator PRO™ Use Case Videos & Testimonials

After completing various training or planning sessions, professionals like you were asked to describe their experience simulating procedures like endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), thoracic aneurysms repair (TEVAR), and most notably, fenestrated EVAR.

To prepare Replicator PRO™ for specific case simulations, realistic silicone vessel models are first printed to patient-specific specifications, which are then easily configured to PRO™.  The true physiological functioning of the system yields a simulation experience that is unmatched from a true clinical experience, in any setting that PRO™ may be placed. 

Click below to watch our flow systems in action and hear what other operators have to say about their experiences.

This model helps physicians and the treating team give patients the best outcome, especially with new technologies that are novel and innovative, where there’s a very steep learning curve.
Dr. Wilson Szeto
Vascular Surgeon
I feel much more confident relaying to physicians exactly what each step feels like. You can get a very good idea of what the device feels like as you push it through tortuous anatomy, and the resistance you feel as you deploy the device.
David Nicholson
Clinical Trainer


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Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS) Conference - 2018

Live Audience Demonstration

Operators are now able to provide real-life pulsatility within a human-like system in order to demonstrate devices and procedures.


More Testimonials

The deployment experience was very, very, very similar to what we would experience in the operating room and the rehearsal of the deployment steps are exactly the same as they happen in the operating room.
Vascular Surgeon
The Replicator PRO™ helped us really create the realistic environment of the challenges that we face in the operating room.
Vascular Surgeon
It took us about 20 minutes to train someone as opposed to two days.
Global Head of Training & Education

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