VIST Control Box

The Mentice Control Box is designed for physicians and medical professionals working in the catheterization lab. The design is based on modern, real-life equipment and comprises all controls and manipulations necessary for an efficient and radiation-safe procedure for both patient and staff. The Mentice Control Box provides new functionality and improved usability to all Mentice training modules and, at the same time, maintains portability.


The Mentice Control Box is a plug-and-play control panel that can be used with all of the user’s installed training modules. The design and layout is based on modern cath lab equipment and offers full manipulation of table and C-arm, as well as imaging management functions like collimation, fluoro store and roadmaps. The possibility to adjust dose level and a button to silence fluoro alarms help increase realism and radiation safety awareness. Separate joysticks for collimators and wedge filters are available to improve realism and usability.

Biplane fluoroscopy can also be directly controlled and managed via the Mentice Control Box to allow an intuitive fluoroscopy management in complex procedures. The Mentice Control Box adds a wide range of new functionality and training value to any procedure and, used in combination with the Mentice Radiation Safety plug-in, creates the ideal learning environment for effective radiation safety training.


Mentice Control Box provides:

  • Modern control panel based on real equipment
  • Easy to use and clear layout
  • Manipulation of table, C-arm and collimation
  • Management of series and roadmaps/masks
  • Essential functionality to train on radiation safety



[fa icon="plus-square"] Functionality
  • Plug-and-play
  • Joystick for table movement
  • Joystick for C-arm angulation
  • Joysticks for collimators and wedge filters
  • Fluoro store functionality and series management
[fa icon="plus-square"] Features
  • Roadmap and mask management
  • Silence fluoro/dose alarm
  • Dose level setting
  • Biplane fluoroscopy controls
  • VIST Control Box
  • VIST Control Box
  • Endovascular simulation training
  • VIST Control Box
  • VIST Control Box
  • VIST Control Box
  • VIST Control Box