Cath lab training setup

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The VIST® Lab is a stationary simulation solution, combining realism, ergonomics, and ultimate flexibility. It is the optimal solution where realistic work flow and team training are provided.

VIST® Lab mimics the cath lab environment providing a full body mannequin (with left and right femoral, radial, and subclavian approaches), a 4K-UHD screen (fluoro, cine, & vitals), and an HD touch screen (controls).

In combination with one or two VIST® G5 systems, the VIST® Lab can be used in a stationary setup or be converted into one (or two) fully functional portable VIST® G5 systems.

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Features & Benefits
  • Key Benefits

    • Includes VIST® G5
    • Highly realistic environment
    • Convertible to portable simulator
    • For teams & training centers
  • Features & Functionalities

    • Height adjustable table
    • Supports real clinical devices
    • Full bifemoral support with optional VIST® G5 extension
    • Control box with fluoroscopy and table controls
    • Easily moved around on wheels
  • Technical Data

    • Height adjustable table legs on wheels
    • Frame for screen mounting
    • 43" 4K-UHD screen
    • 23" HD touch monitor
    • Full size mannequin
    • VIST® Control Box
    • 1 crate
    • Power: 100-240V~
John Smith

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TEE Training Challenges & Solutions - Expert Talk

Co-hosted with Jens Schneider, Echocardiography Expert at the University Heart Center Freiburg, and owner of Ultraschallkurse, a training company specializing in echocardiography.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of echocardiography trends
  • Specific issues releated to TEE
  • TEE training challenges and solutions
  • Introduction to the Mentice VIST® One TEE




Webinar - TEE-1



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Product Highlight Video
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Realistic TEE probe

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