Mentice VIST-LAB

VIST®-Lab is Mentice’s stationary simulation solution, combining realism, ergonomics and ultimate flexibility. VIST®-Lab is the optimal solution where realistic work flow and team training are provided. 


VIST®-Lab mimics the cath lab environment providing a full body mannequin, one 4K-UHD screen (fluoro, cine and vitals) and a HD touch screen (controls). 


A mindful, ergonomically optimized design:

  • Height adjustable table
  • Touch based User Interface (UI)
  • External control box
  • Drawer for device storage


In combination with one or two VIST® G5 systems, the VIST®-Lab provides the ultimate flexibility allowing the system to be used either in a stationary setup, or, when required be converted into one (or even two) fully functional portable VIST® G5 systems.

In addition VIST® -Lab supports treatment through left and right femoral, radial and subclavian approaches. 




[fa icon="plus-square"] Technical data


  • Height adjustable table legs on wheels
  • Frame for Screen mounting
  • 43” 4K-UHD screen
  • 23” HD Touch Monitor
  • Full size mannequin
  • External Control box



  • Length 256cm
  • Width 79cm
  • Height (mannequin) 86 – 116cm
  • Height (total incl. screen + stand) 197cm


  • 100-120V~ or 220-240V~
[fa icon="plus-square"] Features
  • Convertible to portable simulator
  • Height adjustable table
  • Supports actual clinical devices
  • Full bifemoral support with optional VIST-C extension • Supports left and right femoral, subclavian and radial approaches
  • Robust design
  • Control box with fluoroscopy and table controls
  • Solution easily moved around on the wheels
  • Compatible with VIST® -C simulator and VIST®-C extension (for optional bifemoral access)
  • Mentice VIST-LAB with VIST G5
  • Mentice VIST-LAB
  • Endovascular Simulation Training
  • VIST Control Box
  • Endovascular simulation training
  • Endovascular simulation training
  • Endovascular simulation training
  • VIST Control Box
  • VIST G5
  • Mentice VIST G5
  • Mentice VIST G5