The VIST® One TEE/ICE trainer is designed to meet the increasing need of cost-effective and light-weight echocardiography training for interventional treatment methods. Combining the best of Mentice’s existing offering with the market’s most advanced real-time ultrasound simulation, it is the ideal tool for preparation of industry field staff, interventional cardiologists and echocardiographers. The trainer can be used standalone or fully integrated with Mentice VIST G5 endovascular simulators, depending on the use requirements.


Current features and functionalities


Fundamentals of diagnostic and intraoperative TEE/ICE

  • TEE/ICE probe manipulation
  • Interpretation of different views and modes
  • Measurements and image store
  • 2D and biplane echo views
  • Live 3D TEE with endovascular devices in-view
  • Endovascular device manipulation
  • Synchronized fluoroscopy modality

Guidance to several different views (e.g. for mitral and tricuspid repair)

  • Echo overlay visualized on live flouroscopy
  • 3D virtual heart model showing actual and target cut planes
  • Different levels of guidance how to reach specific views
  • Start with basic/easiest views – up until no guidance

Metrics on how well a trainee can navigate to views
  • Time, economy of movement for translation/rotation/buttons/knobs
  • Graphical metrics

This complete solution is delivered in a robust portable case comprising: laptop, monitor and TEE/ICE probe.