Build radiation exposure awareness during interventions

VIST® Radiation Safety

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The Radiation Safety is a portable endovascular simulator combining hands-on training of radiation safety with basic angiography and intervention skills.

A variety of peripheral and coronary cases provide training on catheter and wire manipulation skills. Creating dose awareness and learning to work according to ALARA principles is achieved by live dose readings and dynamic heatmap visualizations for patient and operator doses.

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John Smith

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TEE Training Challenges & Solutions - Expert Talk

Co-hosted with Jens Schneider, Echocardiography Expert at the University Heart Center Freiburg, and owner of Ultraschallkurse, a training company specializing in echocardiography.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of echocardiography trends
  • Specific issues releated to TEE
  • TEE training challenges and solutions
  • Introduction to the Mentice VIST® One TEE




Webinar - TEE-1



VIST® One TEE full version
Full Length Product Video
VIST® One TEE Product Highlight
Product Highlight Video
Highly realistic images - VIST One TEE
Real-time ultrasound
Portability of VIST One TEE
Assessment of TEE skills
Skills Assessment
Realism of VIST One TEE
Realistic TEE probe

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