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About Us

Launched in 1999, Mentice is the leading provider of software and hardware simulation solutions for endovascular therapies. Our solutions help healthcare professionals acquire, retain, and enhance their procedural skills driving improved productivity and outcomes. Our products are scientifically validated and have been specifically developed for health care providers and the medical device industry.

In 2020 Mentice acquired Vascular Simulations in order to enhance our product line by offering solutions supporting medical device development from concept to market-rollout.

Our Mission

We believe medical technology helps to improve patient outcomes and clinical performance. Our mission is to improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes by introducing innovative solutions that eliminate proficiency barriers.

Why Mentice?

With more than 50 patents, we have taken simulation to new heights of reality. With the VIST® Physics Engine and HapticRealism technology we provide unmatched force range and accuracy to bring you the optimal environment for proficiency-based training, patient-specific simulation, and objective skills assessment.

years of pioneering interventional simulation.

scientific papers reinforcing the value of simulation skills acquisition, retention, and assessment.

medical simulation patents across >30 training procedures.


of global market share in endovascular simulation solutions.


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