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Combining the Power of Remote Online Learning with Image Guided Interventional  Simulation

Mentice Live learning is an adopted cloud based learning center for both MedTech industry and Healthcare providers looking to acquire new procedural skills, create structured curriculums, refine techniques and enable seamless virtual proctoring.

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Build and extend the reach of your curriculum

Whether you are building training curriculum for your institution, as part of a nation-wide initiative, for a professional society or for a medical device company, this solution gives you the opportunity for creating structured curriculums. The platform is a popular solution to use if you´re assessing device adoption or mentoring residents & fellows and managing their progression to proficiency.

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One-on-one proctoring or large virtual classrooms?
You can connect from any device - anytime and anywhere.

Audience experience

Your audience can watch, learn hands-on simulation cases, and communicate with instructors and team in real-time from personal devices.

Support and monitor progress

Help trainees improve their operating ability with case performance reports. Better understand strengths & weaknesses during hands-on simulation sessions to help improve operating ability.


Bringing simulator-based training to a larger audience by broadcasting directly from a VIST® simulator.

Set up structured courses & curriculums

Implement structured courses with learning materials and hands-on simulation.

Remote learning

Manage remote training activities with low effort and minimal hardware requirements.

Professional learning solutions for the MedTech Industry

Launching or retraining for increased adoption of your MedTech solution?

Mentice Live is a trusted solution for the Industry to host curriculums, support product adoption initiatives and remotely work closely with the physicians and their in-servicing activities.

Further procedural proficiency with an increase in virtual & physical patient cases

Prepare your team for the unexpected with an increase in procedural volumes with Mentice. Virtual and Physical Flow models solutions, engage with your target audience including unusual anatomical deviations and support patient selection planning.

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Inspiration & case studies

Discover inspirational stories of how healthcare professionals have improved onboarding, procedural outcomes and increased efficiency.

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