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Mobile applications for quick and efficient global device and procedural adoption

The Mentice Right Heart Cath app is a mobile solution for an interactive real-time exploration into the right heart catheterization (RHC) procedure. The app uses rendered 3D anatomy to illustrate the anatomical process producing pressure wave readings during a procedure. Utilize fluoroscopy mode and on-screen catheter controls to simulate the cath lab environment for realistic training.

A Mobile Guide for Exploring the Right Heart Catheterization Procedure

Users can perform a procedure and take readings with 4 common results and 3 pathologies they may not have had access to previously. Combine with a VIST® Mini (Mentice Right Heart Cath Trainer) for a higher fidelity training experience using real tools to further cement the motor muscle skills of a procedure.

4 interactive cases
  • 1 healthy case
  • 3 different patient pathologies
Right Heart Cath App Training Objectives
  • Understand what causes the pressure waves for each area of a right heart cath procedure.
  • Identify and understand pressure waves from mitral regurgitation (MR), pulmonary hypertension (PH), and tricuspid regurgitation.
  • Learn best practices for balloon management during a right heart cath procedure.
  • Explore the right heart anatomy to gain spatial understanding of the procedure.

Right heart cath is one of the first hands-on procedures interventional physicians perform as residents and fellows. Confidence and experience gained from simulated training can help make their first procedure successful and decrease risk to patients.

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