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Efficiency & proficiency is at the core of every well prepared team

The most realistic and fully validated medical simulation solutions to support improved clinical workflows

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The best healthcare providers in the world invest in innovation and excellence.
Here are some of our key partners.

Improve knowledge transfer and confidence

Build individual and team confidence in procedures, device selection, elective cases, complications, advanced cases, device placement, usage and much more. No matter what challenge the team faces, the process becomes autonomous.

Virtual and Physical simulation is becoming vastly adopted to reduce the need for learning on real patients with basic to advanced device and procedural learning.

solutions for Neurovascular
Supporting flow diverter device sizing and positioning for intercranial aneurysm treatments

Prepare your team for the unexpected

Mentice solutions and inbuilt virtual proctor & assessment gives you a safe platform to recreate real patient cases to ensure everyone in your team is adept in all procedures, complications and processes.

In a classroom setting or on your Angio Suite table, our solutions are used to provide the core skills for complication management by bringing the entire interventional team into your training initiatives.

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Develop and sustain high performing teams

Implement a continuous learning environment to evolve your team and deploy training programs to improve outcomes and quality initiatives

Device training

Broaden the team’s knowledge and their ability to use devices specific to patient selection

Import real patient anatomy

Keep the team up to date with the latest procedures and techniques, with the ability to rehearse on real patient data sets for aneurysm, stenosis and clot treatment therapies

Radiation training

Assess and reduce radiation exposure for your team and patients

Procedural stress management

Stress-test your team and ensure communication, processes, techniques, work

Complication management

Challenge the team and equip them to handle any complications

Personalized predictive simulation

Import patient anatomy and test which flow diverter size would best suit your patient

Implement innovative time optimizing & quality initiative programs

Drive a culture of clinical innovation and improvement

Procedural steps and device adoption

Necessary exposure to new pathologies and devices with the Virtual & Physical simulation solutions

Conduct research

A platform to perform innovative research that supports improvements in the clinical community

Improve planning

Perform real anatomical mission rehearsals and identify improvement/procedural steps, device selection and risk analysis opportunities

Communication training

Improve communication to enhance the patient experience and procedural workflow

Attract and retain the best talent

Opportunities for personal growth drive engagement and job satisfaction. Sustained training and innovation with the latest technology in a safe environment. Simulated exposure to a varied set of realistic situations, helps to keep staff satisfaction and confidence high, avoid burnout and attract the best talent.

Become a reference site for excellence and innovation

Attract and retain the best talent,  constantly improve and innovate so you can become a learning centre and inspire and assist other departments, institutions and even the MedTech industry.

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We help you implement your innovation program

Our experts will help you with onboarding, training, adoption and initiate your simulation-based team efficiency and proficiency program.

Inspiration & case studies

Discover inspirational stories of how healthcare professionals have improved onboarding, clinical workflow and increased efficiency.

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