Braided Device Sizing Support Application

Simulate & assess
pre-procedural anatomy & device sizing

Convert 3D DICOM images (3DRA, MRA) or 3D vessel models to extract the vessel morphological description to predict the device foreshortening and apposition at the target zone

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Accuracy in simulated flow diverter length and positioning

Anatomical modeling

Start the simulation by using the threshold segmentation method to create the 3D vessel model from the 3D DICOM image (3DRA/MRA).


Explore the patient's anatomy in deeper detail: Ankyras measures the morphology considering the 3-dimensional space, providing a detailed analysis of the changing diameter values over the artery, and the segment length to be treated.

Diameter (mm)

Inscribed Diameter (mm)

Area (mm)


Ankyras uses its unique simulation algorithm to assess commercially available flow diverter's final length and position. This method uses device design and detailed morphological descriptors of the treated vessel to show the fitting and position of the device to provide a 95% accurate position and length of the implanted device.


Selecting a flow diverter with good apposition to the vessel wall is possible thanks to the expansion representation over the device surface and the expansion chart. Simulated expansion is colored upon the device's simulated surface, indicating those areas on which the device is fully expanded and not completely attached to the vessel wall based on the device maximum diameter.


Ankyras Porosity characterizes and predicts the local porosity of the flow diverter after implantation. It is intended to help understand differences in local porosity compared to other device brands and sizes and to evaluate the final coverage and expansion in the desired region.


Simultaneously simulate multiple flow diverters to assess whether a telescoping technique suits the patient-specific anatomy.

Multifacated Environment

Accessible on desktop, online and mobile app

The different Ankyras platforms allow the use of the software in the user’s most suitable way; from preparing a simulation offline and checking the results in site, to preparing a simulation online and sharing it with other Ankyras members or third parties, who will be able to access the shared simulation as well with limited functionalities. 


Local software installed on your computer

Require internet:

View Simulation:

Create & edit simulation:

Share Simulation:


Login to Ankyras Online in your web browser

Require internet:

View Simulation:

Create & edit simulation:

Share Simulation:


Mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet

Require internet:

View Simulation:

Create & edit simulation:

Share Simulation:

Online & Desktop Workflow

Each platform provides different approaches, ranging from pure visualization to full workflow control, enabling the workflow to run before the intervention with diagnostic 3D images, which can be brought to the operating room using standard mobile devices.

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Disclaimer & Regulatory Information

Ankyras is manufactured by Galgo Medical S.L.
Ankyras must be used by trained medical professionals or technicians who are qualified to perform clinical analyses.