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Physiological Flow Systems

Modular and customizable anatomical vessel replication with ‘true-to-life’ hemodynamics and device deployment

Our unique vessels combined with our advanced controllable flow and heat generating technology create the perfect environment for all procedural, medical device and imaging adoption or prototyping initiatives

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Optimizing aneurysm management selection

Improve device adoption, clinical workflow, and procedural efficiency

The most realistic and fully validated medical simulation solutions to support your journey of procedural and device adoption.

Create your real patient anatomical replication

Directly from your DICOM workstation, export your patient data sets for our specialists to segment and create your long lasting & realistic flexible vessels.

Imaging & Device development & optimization

Currently being utilized by the Imaging & Device Industry with their RnD and KOLs around the world, Mentice flow models are ideal for device realization, imaging configurations and go to market initiatives by providing a real anatomical replication.

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Our Solutions

Physical SIM Platforms

The hardware platform for your solution

SIMplicity Flow

Our most compact flow solution for product demonstrations and training.

  • Neurovascular flow system
  • Lightweight - Back pack model
  • Use for device demonstration and research
  • Life-like tactile feedback
  • Easy to use - click and connect

Evias™ Plus

EVIAS Plus is a solution designed for practicing neurovascular interventionalists and fellows for education, training, and patient-specific rehearsal.

  • Neurovascular flow system - Ischemic stroke & unruptured aneurysm
  • Use for physician and device learning and research
  • Designed for repetitive training purposes
  • Utilizes FDA cleared and CE marked software for segmentation of 3D RA or CTA
  • Contrast agent and X-ray compatible
  • Desired lifelike mechanical behavior based on Invivotech® technology providing critical tactile feedback.
  • Lightweight, portable, plug-and-play station

SIM Agility

The latest, ready-to-use neurovascular flow system that performs under realistically simulated flow, viscosity and accurately replicated anatomies for life-like tactile feedback. The solution offers portable full anatomical flow solution from femoral or radial access to the cerebral intervention designed for clinicians and medical professionals.

  • Neurovascular flow system
  • Use for physician and device learning and research
  • Life-like tactile feedback
  • Realistic thrombus with easy to position and extract solutions
  • Easy to transport, setup & get started


LAACS™ (Left Atrial Appendage Closure System) is a solution designed for practicing cardiology interventionalists and fellows for education, training, and patient-specific rehearsal.

  • Anatomical twins compatible with ultrasound (ICE / TEE)
  • Multi-material 3d printed model providing realistic haptic feedback
  • Single-use septums and multi-use frame
  • Lightweight, portable, plug-and-play station

SIM Core

Simplified for travel, relevant for advanced training - SIM Core is designed to replicate aortic and thoracic pathologies for the replication of endovascular procedures. While the system maintains an equally optimized tactile feedback delivered by Replicator PRO, it is also simplified in its design to be more quickly accessible and convenient to operators with custom configurations for EVAR, TEVAR, and more.

  • Replicate aortic and thoracic pathologies
  • Use for device development
  • Use for pre-clinical trial training
  • Use for demonstrations and events

Replicator PRO™

The most advanced flow system in the market. With an inbuilt flow module that pulsates the 3D heart, the entire model delivers a life-like hemodynamic performance across a broad range of blood pressures, heart rates, and cardiac outputs that can be manipulated via the Replicator app.

  • Life-like hemodynamic performance
  • Use for advanced medical device research and development
  • Use for accelerate the operator learning curve

Physical Sim Accessories

To enhance the experience of your flow models.


We offer a wide range of services to support your objective, from onboarding and maintenance to event support & device rentals for your events.

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