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Support Services

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  • Support website access
  • Email & phone support
  • Remote support: training, troubleshooting, remote access
Hardware Support
  • Replacement parts
  • Roundtrip shipping
  • Labor for repair

Professional Services

Training & Event Services
  • Training

    • Installation training
    • Technical training (refresher)
  • Events

    • Technical event support days
    • Clinical event support days
Education Services
  • Onboarding

    Building your confidence and getting you started

    Our professional services team ensures proper onboarding and adoption of your investment. From Train-The-Trainer programs, to workflow, to hands on, to administration training we tune our services to accommodate your needs every step of the way. Our onboarding program ensures the following:

    • Establishes early goals of your investment
    • Provides hands on training
    • Creates a solid foundation for growth
    • Describes basic tips and tricks
    • Assigns an adoption coach to ensure you meet your goals
  • Curriculum Adoption

    Ensuring return of your investment through adoption

    We are all dedicated to guide you through the process of adoption. Whether it is collaborating with your training managers, engaging your clinical staff, or bringing our experts to your institutions to assist adopting our solutions to your unique needs, we are committed to ensure the success of your program. Our adoption programs offer the following:

    • Accelerates adoption through training and change management
    • Customizes training to meet your goals
    • Supports learning and training sessions for your extended team
    • Tracks progress and offers support every step of the way
  • Curriculum Utilization

    Driving value creation through utilization

    Our professional services team is dedicated to providing guidance and support for the best use of your investment helping you meet your institutional and team goals. Through our utilization offering, we are by your side helping fine tune your workflows, provide additional training as necessary and track progress ensuring value maximization. Our utilization programs offer the following:

    • Continuous monitoring of custom key performance indicators
    • Dedicated proactive team responding to lagging indicators
    • Adhoc, as needed, when needing training
    • Ownership of success criteria
  • Curriculum Consulting

    Leveraging our global expertise to build your curriculum

    For more than 20 years, we have worked closely with medical device companies, health systems, teaching entities, and professional associations to make simulation an integral part of their trianing curricula. Our Curriculum Consulting team can help you design and adopt your very own specialized curriculum with simulation being a key component to proficiency acquisition. Our Learning Management System is versatile, engaging, and provides a well-rounded, didactic experience. Our Curriculum Consulting offering includes the following:

    • Years of expertise in curriculum building
    • Custom design, development, and implementation
    • Flexible LMS that integrates simulation to ensure hands-on proficiency

Medical Device Services



Industry Hosting

We will store all your systems at one of our locations. 

System maintenance: We will test and calibrate your systems before every event.

Warehousing: We package and ship your systems to the event of your choice and we make preparations for you to easily ship them back. 

Feedback management: We will take care of any feedback on return. 

Always on call: We are here for you. Your staff can call at any time for help. 


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