Endovascular Simulation Training Mentice VIST-LAB

Maximize your uptime

  • Preventive onsite maintenance visits
  • Hardware repairs including spare parts
  • Immediate remote software updates

Value insurance and software protection

  • Full access to all Mentice maintenance releases and standard software upgrades
  • Software transfer




Access to exclusive content

  • Whitepapers
  • Training videos
  • Case books
  • Support articles


Your issues solved easily

  • Online support portal
  • Email support
  • Call-in support
  • Remote Internet support 
  • Engineer visit at your site 
  • Free system send-in support
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Endovascular simulation training experience

Ensure the simulation solution is utilized


Train your staff
The training program will ensure that all your staff know how to operate and maintain the simulator. 

Positive user experiences
Trained staff will create positive end user experiences. 

Ensure your investment is utilized to the max
Training your staff to have high confidence will create new training programs. 

Endovascular simulation training event Bristol

Make sure your events are executed professionally.


Senior service specialists ensure success

Mentice senior service specialists will make sure that your technology works perfectly. 

Professional visitor experiences

Mentice senior engineer will help your product experts to demonstrate your products and solutions at the event. 

Mentice Endovascular simulation training VIST G5

Add additional simulators to your event


Add one or multiple simulators

With additional simulators you can expand your event or course to involve more people and you can create a bigger impact. 

Mentice Service Team

We host all your systems and send them to the location where you need them.


Full hosting  

We will store all your systems at one of our locations. 

Systems are maintained

We will test and calibrate your systems before every event

Packaging and shipping management

We will ship the systems to your event and make preparations for you to easily ship them back. 

Feedback management

We will take care of any feedback on return. 

Call us if you need help

We are here for you. Your staff can call at any time for help. 

Mentice Endovascular Simulation Training VIST G5

Video material to help you reinforce your message 


Professional Production

Our service specialists and a professional video team will help you create videos that can be used for education, marketing and presentation purposes. 


Endovascular knowledge

Our endovascular focus will help you to ensure that production and editing are focused on the message you want to get across.  


Show the videos on any platform

The videos can be used on your internal video platform or on a public one, such as YouTube.