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Virtual Reality Simulation

Virtual Reality simulators for image-guided interventional therapies

Our anatomical software physics engine, combined with haptic-enabled hardware solutions, creates the optimal environment for procedural adoption, proficiency-based training, patient-specific simulation, and objective skills assessment. Over 350 development years of engineering have created the most advanced IGIT simulation solutions on the market.

Over 2000+ systems delivered worldwide that cover fluoro & echo based learning solutions from head to toe for both Healthcare Professionals and the MedTech Industry.

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Improve device proficiency, clinical workflow, and procedural efficiency 

The most realistic and validated medical simulation solutions to support your journey of procedural and device adoption. 

Healthcare Professionals

Build a solution for your specific needs 

Combine simulators, training modules, accessories, extensions, integrations, and services to create a solution that will help you reach your goals and objectives. 


VIST® G7 and G7+

Image-guided procedural VR trainer for clinicians and medical professionals

  • HapticRealism™ technology, the ability to measure real forces
  • VIST® Virtual Patient support
  • Mentice patent protected technology enables up to ten devices in parallel for advanced interventional techniques such as bifurcation stenting, balloon-assisted coiling, and buddy wires
  • Support for +25 learning modules
  • Configurable, self-calibrating and self-cleaning
  • Portable and durable

VIST® TEE Trainer

Fundamental hands-on TEE training and screening for transcatheter therapies

  • Haptics enabled 1 tracker solution for device use, such as Echo probes
  • Low footprint and light-weight solution
  • Portable one-case ‘carry-on’ in a standalone, or integrated solution with G5, G7 or G7+

Learning Modules

Our procedural learning modules are accessible on our hands-on haptics-enabled simulator platform.

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VIST® G7 and G7+
VIST® TEE Trainer
Coronary Advanced
Building proficiency in complex coronary interventions
VIST® G7 and G7+
VIST® TEE Trainer
Cardiac Rhythm Management
Hands-on training for lead placement


Create immersive and realistic training simulations for the clinical setting

VIST® Virtual Patient

Officially co-developed integrations into Philips & Siemens Healthineers latest angio-suites, enabling full synchronized table and C-arm manipulation as if an actual patient was on the table, the Virtual Patient.

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Laerdal SimMan® Vascular

SimMan® Vascular is the first medical simulator designed to cover the entire patient pathway in the treatment of stroke, heart attack, and acute trauma cases.

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Mentice Live

Learning Management Solution & Remote Proctoring

Enable your own or learn from others’ unique curriculums; the LMS solution empowers the learners and their teachers with an easily accessible platform. Whether healthcare professionals or the MedTech Industry, Mentice LMS is utilized worldwide to receive the latest learning requirements wherever & whenever they need.

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