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VIST® Case-It

Patient-specific simulation, powered by clinically proven segmentation solutions to allow creation of patient specific training cases.

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This learning module is designed for:
Interventional neuroradiologists
Interventional radiologists
Interventional cardiologists
Residents and fellows in interventional cardiology

Case-It is a paradigm shift in simulation solutions for image-guided interventional therapies, powered by clinically proven segmentation solutions to allow the creation of patient-specific training cases.

Case-It is a unique solution that creates a Mentice simulation case from existing patient anatomies with only a few clicks.

The resulting case can be used for sharing and teaching after the actual procedure has been done, allowing peers and students to re-enact the experience and practice various treatment approaches. It is possible to build an expansive library of varying cases. Ultimately, it can be used as a warm-up or rehearsal before an actual procedure.

Case-It technology eliminates the learning curve by interfacing with the user’s existing segmentation workstation.

Mentice builds easy-to-use and reliable simulation solutions without compromising quality and realism. Case-It combines state-of-the-art segmentation with the only fully validated simulator for image-guided interventional therapies.

Features & Benefits

Key Benefits

Import your patient anatomy data and prepare yourself and your team for challenging cases.

Build your own unlimited case library

Share complex cases with colleagues

Add pathologies to your case to create the best possible training

Features & Benefits

Our Vision

Simulation plays an increasingly important role in medical education settings, certification, and recertification. However, as with clinical practice, curriculums change over time, and the needs differ between settings and regions. This creates a growing demand for content that matches specific needs. Case-It technology allows users to select and utilize the cases that best suit their individual training needs.

Case-It is the first step in a comprehensive environment that allows the creation of individualized training cases and content.


Mentice is a pioneer in patient-specific training and was the first company to show a ‘Mission Rehearsal’ case for Carotids live at EuroPCR 2004. Since then, we have also created patient-specific cases for both coronary and neuro interventions.

How it works

Case-It technology harnesses the power of professional segmentation tools. This ensures the highest possible quality of the 3D reconstruction using market-leading and clinically proven workstations.

From CT or MRI data, the operator will reconstruct the relevant anatomy using the available, preferred segmentation solution. The benefit is that the user is well versed with the respective workstation and will be able to reconstruct from a variety of data qualities.

The reconstructed anatomy is imported using Case-It technology and stitched onto a template anatomy to create a complete vascular anatomy for procedural training (even if the CT data are limited to only a part of the patient’s anatomy).

Thanks to this, Mentice clients can now robustly and simply create their own patient-specific simulated cases with a minimum of extra work, using segmentation software they are already familiar with and without a significant learning curve.

Certification Program

To ensure that Case-It always works seamlessly with anatomy data from the user’s preferred segmentation workstation, Mentice has launched the Case-It Certified program. Within this program,  Mentice validates the output of professional and FDA-approved segmentation solutions to make sure Case-It is fully compatible.

Training Objectives
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