A Virtual Patient for Cath Labs

VIST® Virtual Patient

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For VIST® Virtual Patient connectivity to a number of angiography systems, please refer to vendor-specific Vascular Patient Link marketing material.

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Improve patient outcomes

For the first time, you may now rehearse interventional procedures and acquire new skills using a virtual patient without harm to you, your team, your patient, or your equipment. The VIST® Virtual Patient seamlessly integrates an endovascular simulator with world leading angiography systems.

Increase proficiency & improve efficiency

Turn your angio suite into a procedure and medical device skill center during idle time. Whether you are getting up to speed with a new X-ray system and its latest features, exploring new techniques and procedures, or refining processes to improve outcomes, the VIST® Virtual Patient simulation software offers you a safe, immersive, and radiation-free simulation environment based on real-life patient images.

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VIST® Virtual Patient Features & Benefits

  • Simulate real-life interventional procedures with a solution that is fully integrated into your C-arm.
  • Control your C-arm and view x-ray imaging and vitals on your monitors.
  • Rehearse complex interventions with real patient anatomies using Mentice’s Case-It technology.
  • Explore procedure methods and experience the use of new medical devices.
  • Use your existing angio-control panel and associated hardware to improve outcomes and procedure times.
  • Utilize imaging modalities like TEE, IVUS, OCT, and FFR.
  • Perform immersive debriefing for challenging cases.
  • Reduce or eliminate clinical training on actual patients.


Dr. Kwan Lee

University Chief of Clinical Cardiology

University of Arizona College of Medicine



The ability to remotely introduce complications in real-time while trainees are performing a procedure on the Mentice simulator tremendously enhances the learning experience and brings simulation even closer to reality.


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