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Train multidisciplinary teams from on-set of disease to therapy

Laerdal SimMan® Vascular

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Mentice VIST® technology has been integrated with Laerdal’s SimMan to bring you SimMan Vascular. This immersive training solution is educationally effective for the practice of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills for a wide range of health care professionals encompassing all areas of patient care.

We can provide a full emergency procedural offering that incorporates:

  • Neuroradiologists, including Stroke Management
  • Vascular/ Trauma Surgeons
  • Interventional Radiologists including Embolization
  • Cardiologists
  • Trauma Teams
  • EMS
  • Nurses
  • Resuscitation Teams
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Emergency Room Assessment
  • Cath-Lab Nurses + Technicians
  • Admin Patient Safety/ Process management




Dr. Kwan Lee

University Chief of Clinical Cardiology

University of Arizona College of Medicine



The ability to remotely introduce complications in real-time while trainees are performing a procedure on the Mentice simulator tremendously enhances the learning experience and brings simulation even closer to reality.



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