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Neurovascular Essentials

A comprehensive and fully-guided curriculum to independently learn the fundamentals of cerebral interventions

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This learning module is designed for:
Interventional neuroradiologists
Fellow and residents in Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Proctors who want a 'plug-and-play' curriculum with integrated simulation training with focus on Stroke.
    *No previous experience required

The Neurovascular Essentials virtual simulation solution enables training Interventional Neuroradiologists to learn the important initial anatomical steps, device selection, and critical maneuvers to support your trainees on their journey of proficiency-based diagnostic cerebral interventions. With the cloud-based curriculum, remote proctoring, and clear step-by-step program enabling efficient and independent learning, your trainees can experience the best that virtual simulation has to offer.

The learning module includes fully-guided maneuver training for difficult techniques such as Simmons catheter, microcatheter switching, and stentriever deployment in multiple new and complex anatomies. Take the training program a step further and personalize the learning experience of your trainees to align with specific learning objectives by customizing your own curriculum and objective metrics.

Features & Benefits

Key Benefits

Comprehensive curriculum combining e-learning and hands-on exercises - from cerebral angiography to fundamental mechanical thrombectomy

Independently learn the essentials of acute ischemic stroke on a highly realistic platform

Repeatable and reproducible training to improve cerebral access skills

Increases familiarity of different strategies and techniques

Detailed hands-on, metric-based exercises to perfect each step of mechanical thrombectomy

Innovative training solution that combines written and visual guidance throughout the intervention

Features & Benefits
  • Facilitate independent learning and save valuable proctor time with an easily implemented and fully guided curriculum 
  • Prepare trainees for the everyday fundamental and complex techniques, e.g., Simmons maneuver, microcatheter exchange, etc.
  • Extensive e-learning course providing theoretical background and interactive exercises to accompany hands-on training
  • Understand and execute different access strategies – left/right radial and femoral access available in all cases
  • Learn the basics of mechanical thrombectomy in a safe and fully guided environment
  • Perfect technical skills and build up confidence with challenging and reproducible training scenarios
  • Automated metric-based assessment to track progress and identify areas for improvement to avoid potentially dangerous trainee-operator behaviors
  • Immediate feedback on dangerous behaviors through monitoring and analysis of the operator's actions 
  • Real-time customization training scenarios for further individualization and exposure to sudden complications 
Training Objectives
  • Master access to and navigation of the most common anatomical variations with increasing difficulty
  • Master cerebral access using both femoral and radial access (left and right)
  • Safe and efficient execution of typical cerebral intervention maneuvers, e.g. Simmons maneuver, wire/catheter exchange, etc.
  • Learn the detailed steps and strategies required for neurovascular thrombectomy
  • Understand unsafe actions and learn how to prevent them
  • Understand common neurovascular complications as well as how to prevent and treat them  
  • Understand your development with a built-in objective skills assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses and create personalized training goals

Case Layout

Interactive cases

• 4 easily selected clot locations for every anatomy

• Practice ADAPT technique

• Direct Aspiration or Stentriever available in all cases

• Fully-guided maneuvre and full procedure training for each anatomy

• Challenge mode with multiple clot locations for assessment in each case

• Proctor integration allows complications ( thrombus, dissections, and spasms) to be created at will

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