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Transradial Approach

Supporting interventionalists to transition from transfemoral to transradial access

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This learning module is designed for:
Interventional neuroradiologists
Interventional cardiologists
Interventional radiologists
Vascular surgeons

The first dedicated multidisciplinary solution focusing on the essential challenges associated with the radial approach, facilitating interventionalists to transition safely and effectively from transfemoral access (TFA) to transradial access (TRA). Evidence shows that TRA poses a significantly lower risk for vascular complications than transfemoral, e.g. lower bleeding and mortality and offers other benefits such as improved patient comfort and satisfaction, shorter length of stay, which leads to reduced hospital costs.

This approach comes with a considerable learning curve associated with challenging anatomical variations and the consequent procedural complications. Complementing high-fidelity simulation-based training with e-learning delivered by the Mentice Learning Center can shorten the learning curve. This solution aims at supporting interventionalists to become equally proficient and confident with TRA - making it a more adopted approach in their daily practice.

Features & Benefits

Key Benefits

Features & Benefits

• Customized built-in Step-by-Step Expert Guidance in all cases tailored to your specialty

• Variety of anatomical challenges, including full radial loop, double hairpin loop, high-origin radial artery and radial, brachial and subclavian tortuosity

• Supports for loops and tortuosity handling techniques, such as downsizing the tools and straightening of the loop, balloon-assisted tracking of the catheter

• Deformable vessels offering realistic artery behavior during straightening of the loops and tortuosity

• Companion Proctor App for iPad to customize scenarios and trigger real-time complications

• Complementary e-learning Transradial Approach module, featuring instructive video tutorials, quizzes, and a final knowledge test, to familiarize with all aspects of TRA.

*Available in the Mentice Learning Center

Training Objectives

• Identify resistance to movement of a guidewire and/or a catheter through the arm vasculature and understand the cause of it

• Identify and understand and deal with the different anatomical challenges in the radial, brachial and subclavian regions, such as double hairpin radial loop, 360° radial loop, extreme tortuosity, high origin radial artery.

• Familiarize with the steps to effectively and safely handle challenging loops and tortuosity, such as downsizing the tools and straightening of loops, balloon assisted tracking of the catheter

• Decide and execute treatment to avoid Radial Artery Occlusion and to resolve complications, such as radial artery spasm and dissection.

• Cannulate Right Coronary, Left Coronary, Right Common Carotid, Left Common Carotid Artery or the Descending Aorta

Case Layout

Total of 6 interactive cases

• 1 Normal Anatomy• 1 Double Hairpin Radial Loop

• 1 360° Radial Loop• 1 Radial and Brachial Tortuosity

• 1 Subclavian Tortuosity

• 1 High Origin of the Radial Artery* the user needs to be subscribed to VIST Live to have access to the e-course

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