Thrombectomy Replicator Flow System


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ASIST™ is a comprehensive solution designed for the replication of ischemic stroke thrombectomy. It supports professionals as they develop new thrombectomy devices and helps to remove obstacles as they work to improve stroke patient outcomes.

The ASIST™ system will produce consistent and reliable results when replicating thrombectomy. It includes Replicator, custom stroke models, and a unique thrombus simulant. This unique thrombus allows physicians to repeatedly and easily replicate stroke procedures with more confidence.

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Easy Deployment

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Reusable Vasculature

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User Friendly

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Angiography Compatible

Fully compatible under angiography with no image artifacts (metal-free system).

Comprehensive thrombectomy solution set

thrombectomy angio


Replicator System

Replicator System

The Replicator flow system is what powers up the simulated thrombectomy and supports consistent and reliable results each and every time.

SIMulant Thrombus

Simulated Thrombus

This non-biological thrombus simulant is pre-packaged in syringes, ready for immediate delivery into the system. 

Head Module with Vessels

Head Module with Vessels

Configure ASIST with stroke vessels and customize your own head or box module with patient-specific scans, or choose from the neurovascular vessel library. 


Thrombus Delivery Kit

Delivery accessories and a quick set-up guide are readily available with the thrombus syringes for a quick and easy set-up.

The ASIST™ provides physicians and researchers an efficient, reproducible, and extraordinarily realistic replication of an anterior circulation large vessel occlusion.
This model provides an optimal platform for teaching and training, the development and comparison of different thrombectomy techniques as well as the assessment and development of novel devices.

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