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Prof. Dr. Thomas Liebig, Neurology Department, University Hospital Munich

Mechanical Thrombectomy - Training to proficiency... before treating patients - "A better way"

“If a center has a small local stroke unit and they want to offer the service of neuro-thrombectomy they might see only 20-30 cases and it's virtually impossible to keep more than one doctor skilled at this procedure with this low number of cases. If you want to offer this at a 24/7 level then you need to make up for the missing numbers of procedures, find alternatives to keep high enough skills amongst 2, 3, or 4physicians.

Proficiency based assessment is that during the training you are assessed and reassessed at different levels of learning, where predefined skills have to be met in order for you to be allowed to continue to the next step. With simulation, you first have to show that you’re proficient at doing a certain procedure before you’re even allowed to touch a patient.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Liebig

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