Replicating Physiological Properties for High-Fidelity Simulation

Flow System Accessories

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Replicator Fluid

Replicator fluid is a part of the replication. It is designed to match the viscosity of blood during active replication, allowing for optimal device feedback. It provides for an even more true experience than with water. It is available in a powder form for travel purposes, which is included with SiM Core and SiM Neuro.

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Thrombus Simulant

For ASIST™ system

Thrombus simulant is made from nonbiological substances but has the same properties as human thrombus. This material provides thrombectomy cases with a truly reliable and consistent form of replication.

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Head Gel

For head modules

Head gel is placed within all neurovascular heads and boxes. This gel emulates the natural suspension of neurovascular vessels, further supporting true device behavior during replication.

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