Replicating Physiological Properties for High-Fidelity Simulation

Flow System Accessories

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SIMulant Blood

SIMulant Blood is specially formulated to match blood's viscosity and frictional feedback during replicated procedures. When used in conjunction with Mentice's coated silicone vasculature, this fluid enables a highly accurate tactile experience. Also available in travel-safe powder.

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SIMulant Blood


SIMulant Blood Powder 

SIMulant Blood Powder-1














SIMulant Blood Fluid

SIMulant Blood-1


SIMulant Thrombus

For ASIST™ system

SIMulant Thrombus is made from nonbiological substances but has the same properties as human thrombus. This material provides thrombectomy cases with a truly reliable and consistent form of replication.

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SIMulant Thrombus-1

Neurovascular Housing Gel 

For Neuro modules

Neurovascular Housing gel is placed within all neurovascular heads and boxes. This gel emulates the natural suspension of neurovascular vessels, further supporting true device behavior during replication.

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Neurovascular Housing Gel-1

ASIST Delivery System Kit 

For ASIST™ system

The ASIST delivery system kit (or delivery kit) combines all the necessary tools required
to help deploy your Thrombus Simulant in the desired area of occlusion.

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Cleaning Tablets

Simple 2-step method to sterilize and maintain a free-flowing fluid path within the silicone vasculature for optimal performance. 

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