Combining the Power of Remote Online Learning with Endovascular Simulation

Mentice Live Learning Center

Combining the Power of Remote Online Learning with Endovascular Simulation

Mentice Live Learning Center

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Combining the Power of Remote Online Learning with Endovascular Simulation

Mentice Live Learning Center

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An immersive and holistic learning experience

The Mentice Live Learning Center is an innovative solution that combines the power of remote learning with our VIST® G endovascular simulation platform.

  • Are you an endovascular specialist looking to acquire new procedural skills, refine techniques, or retain proficiency for low procedural volume interventions while monitoring your own progress?
  • Are you mentoring residents or fellows managing their progression to proficiency?
  • Are you building training curriculum for your institution, as part of a nation-wide initiative, for a professional society or for a medical device company?

The Learning Center offers a platform to support you, your students, and your customers to build endovascular excellence.


Build and extend the reach of your curriculum

Leverage our TeleTraining and TeleProctoring capabilities for one-on-one proctoring or large virtual classrooms. You may now connect from any device - anytime and anywhere.

Instructor Benefits

  • Setup structured courses with learning materials and hands-on simulation.
  • Support and monitor trainees' progress.
  • Manage remote training activities with low effort and minimal hardware requirements.
  • Help trainees improve their operating ability with case performance reports.

Trainee Benefits

  • Manage study time and access materials anytime and anywhere.
  • Watch, learn hands-on simulation cases, and communicate with instructors in real-time from personal devices.
  • Better understand strengths & weaknesses during hands-on simulation sessions to help improve operating ability.
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Combining E-learning & Simulation

Combining e-learning with simulation-based hands-on training creates an improved, seamless learning experience to further help with saving costs and improving patient outcomes.

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Online Platform

Online platform offers users another option for retention to increase the effectiveness of hands-on training.

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Instant Access

Instant access to learning from any location and platform gives users the flexibility to train more efficiently in-between clinical activities.

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Structured Curriculum

Structured curriculum allows instructors to reach a larger audience and increase productivity by creating once and deploying for many.



Mentice Live Remote Connect

Institutions may purchase the Mentice Live Remote Connect add-on to enhance the training experience by:

  • Bringing simulator-based training to a larger audience by broadcasting directly from a VIST® simulator.
  • Increasing productivity of instructors and course creators with recordings of simulator-based hands-on training to easily create educational material.
  • Allowing instructors to conduct demonstrations and instruct trainees remotely so they can more efficiently reach training targets. 
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Mentice Live fills a gap in training new learners as well as advancing skills of experienced learners by making mentors more available in the virtual and online learning environment, which has become even more challenging in the COVID-19 world.
Ronald S. Winokur, MD, FSIR, RPVI
Interventional Radiologist

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TRA for neurovascular angiography and intervention will become the standard of care as it offers higher safety, comfort, and satisfaction for the patient and leads to a significant cost reduction for healthcare systems. High fidelity simulation-based training facilitates quicker transition to TRA without putting patients at risk. The Mentice Transradial Approach solution will help interventionalists become equally confident with TRA as with TFA - allowing them to make an unbiased and educated decision regarding the access site, based on the patient´s need and anatomy.
Dr. Markus Holtmannspötter
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