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Understanding Sheaths and Catheters

By Mentice on Jul 28, 2015 11:39:00 PM

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Sheaths and Catheters Infographic

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Having had the opportunity to work with physicians and support staff from hospitals and medical schools around the country, one common theme that has continually presented itself is that learners don’t often have a comfortable understanding of the sheaths and catheters that are commonly used in today’s procedures.

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Learning points such as device identification, size, inner lumen dimensions, outer diameters and tool accommodation are all necessary information to know and understand fully and will aid in achieving a successful outcome to your patients procedure.

Two free tools you can use

Identifying that there was a need for additional learning resources and information that would break down the simple basics of these devices, Mentice has made available two adjunct tools for your use. Our “Basics of Sheaths and Catheters” video provides a quick introduction to device identification, sizing and specifications of these commonly used tools. Additionally we have made available a sizing and commonly used catheter chart that can both be downloaded and printed for use and reference.

Having tools like these available during simulation training events can really add to the student’s success and create a positive and valuable learning experience.


Tool 1: Video - The Basics of Sheaths and Catheters

Send this video to your learners in advance or show it during a class.



Tool 2: Sizing and commonly used catheters chart 


The graphical guide can be downloaded and printed.



Thank you UKETS

The poster / infographic is reproduced with kind permissions of UKETS. Please visit www.ukets.org to learn more about their training of endovascular practise.  

We hope you enjoy these tools and find that they will add value to training tool box.


Written by Mentice