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ISN 2022 - A unique INR learning experience

International Symposium of Neuroradiology (ISN) is an annual initiative hosted by the Brazilian Society of Neuroradiology (SBNR) as a part of their...

August 19, 2022
Rebecka Melin

International Symposium of Neuroradiology (ISN) is an annual initiative hosted by the Brazilian Society of Neuroradiology (SBNR) as a part of their mission to improve and standardize Interventional Neuroradiology (INR) training in Brazil.

As INR procedures continue to increase in volume and complexity, the demand for educating new INRs grows. One of the main challenges facing INR education is the many differences between educational programs regarding regulation, structure, duration, and training volume – resulting in varying proficiency levels among fellows [1].

The lack of structure and the varying teaching strategies among training centers have motivated SBNR to drive change in the national educational system of Brazil. Since 2019, SBNR's mission has been to standardize INR training in Brazil to ensure that all trainees graduate with a high level of proficiency. SBNR is one of many global societies that has recognized the benefits of simulation and recently developed and implemented a simulation-based program to facilitate the standardization of INR education. The program became available for all society fellows in 2021. The educational changes have united the Brazilian INR community, and all training centers are now collaborating and working toward the same goal; increasing the proficiency level among the centers and improving patient experience and outcomes.

The ISN event was held in June 2022 and is an annual SBNR initiative containing hands-on training on virtual and physical simulators. The four-day event featured lectures, case presentations, discussions, live cases, and a practical skill course. Mentice is proud to be an innovative part of this initiative with our simulation solutions.

Highlights from ISN 2022: Practical Skill Course

During the practical skill course, fellows and INRs got a dedicated day with hands-on training in INR treatment techniques, complication management, device adoption, and workflow optimization in a safe and patient-free environment utilizing both virtual and physiological simulators. All practical activities were divided into eight different simulation stations and one robotics station, proctored by prominent experts within the field. The course aimed to underline the value of continuous and proficiency-based learning. The hands-on training sessions were based on pre-defined cases in therapeutic neuroradiology, ensuring that all training aligned with SBNR learning goals and followed their practice for safe and proficient procedural and device adoption.

MicrosoftTeams-image (67)

Hands-on simulation training on the Mentice VIST® G7 simulator during the practical skill course.

Highlights from ISN 2022: SiM Agility Live Cases

Broadcasted live from Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, renowned INRs Prof. Jacques Moret and Prof. René Chapot performed two live cases each on Mentice SiM Agility.

Chapot Operating
MicrosoftTeams-image (76)

Prof. René Chapot, INR at AKK Essen, leading one of the simulated live cases during ISN with support from Prof. Michel Frudit, INR at Israelita Albert Einstein, and Prof. Maurício Jory, INR at Israelita Albert Einstein.

Four different pre-selected aneurysm cases were used from the Mentice vessel library. The audience followed the live cases from the congress and had the chance to interact with the physicians during the procedures, generating valuable discussions on techniques, etc. The live sessions highlighted the benefits of using physiological flow systems for INR training away from patients' harm.

Prof. Jacques Moret, INR, Bicetre University Hospital, leading one of the simulated live cases during ISN, with support from Prof. Michel Frudit, INR at Israelita Albert Einstein, and Prof. Maurício Jory, INR at Israelita Albert Einstein.

The Brazilian online magazine UOL VivaBem published an interview with Prof. Michel Frudit, INR and former president of SBNR, Dr. Thiago Abud, INR at Israelita Albert Einstein, and Dr. Rodrigo Gobbo Garcia, INR at Israelita Albert Einstein. The article covers the ISN live sessions and focuses on the benefits of using flow systems for procedural rehearsal and planning when treating aneurysms.

Full article here (in Portuguese)

MicrosoftTeams-image (81)

L-R: Jonh Santos, Support Specialist, Mentice | Prof. Maurício Jory | Prof. Michel Frudit | Prof. René Chapot | Renan Cancissu, Sales Director LATAM, Mentice.

The ISN congress is one of several events during the year that highlights the activities of SBNR. Three regional courses follow ISN in 2022, covering the whole LATAM with hands-on training as SBNR wants to share knowledge and expertise with other countries to impact treatment quality and patient outcomes. SBNR has done innovative work by bringing technology to its associates and standardizing INR education. The goal of the society is to preserve this work and expand it to the daily hospital practice with advanced procedural planning and rehearsal and optimizing patient outcomes.

Upcoming hands-on courses hosted by


São Paulo 14-16 September

Porto Alegre 9-11 November

Read more and register here.


[1]. Pizzini, F. B., Sasiadek, M., Tanzi, F., & Ricci, P. (2020). Neuroradiology training in EU: international survey of 31 countries within UEMS frame. Insights into imaging, 11(1), 72.

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