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Mentice and Vascular Perspectives join forces to enhance interventional education in the UK

Vascular Perspectives (VP), announces strategic collaboration with Mentice

July 3, 2023
Vascular Perspectives

Vascular Perspectives (VP), UK distributor and educator of innovative interventional medical devices, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Mentice, a global leader in medical simulation and virtual reality solutions. This collaboration will help to revolutionise interventional training for healthcare professionals within the UK.

There is an increasing need for comprehensive training solutions replicating real-world scenarios and enhancing procedural skills. Recognising this need, VP and Mentice have partnered to combine their individual expertise to deliver powerful learning experiences for healthcare professionals.

This collaboration between Mentice and VP represents a significant milestone in the advancement of vascular education in the UK. By harnessing the power of virtual reality and the educational efforts by VP, our partnership aims to improve patient outcomes, reduce procedural risk, and elevate educational levels for all.

About Vascular Perspectives (VP)
Vascular Persepctives (VP) is redefining the landscape of interventional medical devices. As a leading UK distributor and educator in this field, we are driven by our commitment to improving patient outcomes through cutting-edge technology. Our portfolio encompasses the finest interventional products from around the world, with each device chosen for its utility and transformative potential.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. We work together with leading physicians, fostering strong relationships to provide the highest level of training for complex interventional products. We take pride in empowering healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock the full potential of these transformative technologies.

To complement our expertise, we have assembled an in-house creative team renowned for their innovation and talent. They craft engaging content that supports our mission to drive advancements in the field. Our co-creation process consistently delivers optimal solutions of compelling and clinically validated work.

At VP, we understand the critical importance of staying ahead in our ever-evolving market. With our rich history and deep understanding of clinical challenges, we equip our partners with the tools they need to succeed. We forge enduring relationships built on trust, ensuring that together, we navigate the complexities of the industry and emerge as leaders in healthcare innovation.

For more information about VP, please visit their respective website or contact them directly via

Mentice Contact Information
For more information about the collaboration, please contact Lorraine Mårtensson.

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