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Mentice announces the latest release of Ankyras in the EU

Mentice, a healthcare technology company, proudly announces the latest release of Ankyras in the EU. This clinical decision support application has be

August 15, 2023

Mentice, a healthcare technology company, proudly announces the latest release of Ankyras in the EU. This clinical decision support application has been designed to support interventional neuroradiologists in selecting the most optimal flow diverters for treating intracranial aneurysms. The updated version of Ankyras offers an intuitive and secure solution for planning, storing, and sharing clinical treatment plans online, offline, and on mobile platforms.

Ankyras is now conveniently accessed through web browsers and compatible iOS and Android apps, facilitating smooth communication and case discussion between physicians and device manufacturers. This feature streamlines and supports clinical procedures, making them more efficient and safe. In situations without internet access, Ankyras provides healthcare professionals with an offline mode, enabling them to stay connected, and integrates seamlessly with the online platform through a unified login system. 

With the latest version of Ankyras, users can now access a broader range of improved functionalities for investigating various device and treatment options in greater detail. Ankyras offers a morphological assessment that provides users with a comprehensive analysis of all artery segments, ensuring they are better equipped to handle real-life challenges. The platform also allows users to telescope multiple flow diverters, evaluate local expansion and porosity, and precisely align the centerline to create the most accurate simulation for a specific device. 

According to Héctor Fernández, Director of Ankyras Development at Mentice, "The use of medical imaging tools for clinical decision-making in intervention is on a rapid growth trajectory – especially with the recent advances in AI-based methods. The launch of Ankyras online is, therefore, very opportune, as it can be utilized as a data collection tool for future software development using AI methods. This latest version will offer customers exemplary guidance on the appropriate flow diverter size and how to position it accurately. Furthermore, it guarantees that the results are futureproofed and ready for more advanced analysis with increasing numbers of treated patients." Moving forward, Mentice plans to expand the Ankyras solution rapidly. This includes securing market clearance in new geographies, seamless integration with other Mentice and strategic partner products, and acquiring new business and accounts in Mentice's core markets.

To keep up with the latest developments in Ankyras and its involvement in device development and treatment strategies for Intracranial Aneurysms, visit Alternatively, you can visit Mentice's booth #16 during the 15th Annual ESMINT Congress. Our team will be present, showcasing some exciting new developments. If you want a closer look, click here to pre-book your personalized 1-on-1 demo session with us. Trust us, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

For more information, please contact:
Renan Cancissu, Director Precision Medicine, Mentice
Mobile: +34 637 892 019

Disclaimer & Regulatory Information
Ankyras is manufactured by Mentice Spain S.L.
Ankyras must be used by trained medical professionals or technicians who are qualified to perform clinical analyses.
Mentice subsidiaries and partners will distribute the medical software products developed and manufactured by Mentice Spain S.L. in approved markets.

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