Mentice Introduces Today Subscription-Based Pricing for its Endovascular-Simulation Training Software

Introduction to Health Systems brings transparency, flexibility and predictability; opens new opportunities for clinicians to rapidly deploy simula...

August 6, 2019

Introduction to Health Systems brings transparency, flexibility and predictability; opens new opportunities for clinicians to rapidly deploy simulation training for new and existing endovascular therapies.


Gothenburg, 6th August 2019 (Globe Newswire) – Mentice AB (STO: MNTC), a world leader in simulation solutions for endovascular therapies, announces today the introduction of software subscription for its VIST® endovascular simulation platform to hospitals and health systems. By significantly reducing the upfront capital expenditure and introducing an annual software subscription, Mentice now enables clients around the world to rapidly deploy the VIST® platform under a transparent, flexible, and predictable model.


“With global health systems and hospitals experiencing significant pressures to improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes, we remain laser-focused on our quest to help improve endovascular procedure performance and patient outcomes through simulation,” said Göran Malmberg, CEO at Mentice. “While our VIST® platform helps our clients improve their clinical performance, the introduction of software subscription on our training modules aligns Mentice to the financial realities of a clinical practice helping our clients operationalize costs to better manage their financial performance.”


The VIST® software subscription offers Mentice clients flexible procedure selection and predictable annual pricing while it includes software updates, it eliminates hidden service support costs, and it scales based on customer need.


In addition to lower cost of entry and software updates, software subscription for the VIST® platform includes complimentary trial of new procedures, ability to exchange procedures as client-needs change, and access to a global team of software and hardware support experts.


This is the first and a significant step into Mentice’s plans to advance the value of endovascular simulation for clients worldwide.



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