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REFLEX Silicone Vessels

Patient-specific silicone vasculature for endovascular

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Realistic Physiological Properties

uncoated vs coated

Lubricious coating

REFLEX is treated with a luminal surface coating to replicate the true coefficient of friction between vessels and devices. This results in true endovascular behavior and feedback just as you would feel in a real vessel.

The luminal treatment affects the visibility of the vessel and best results are maintained with replicator fluid or water. Users can experience true feedback with full visibility, as well as clear visibility under imaging.

Human vessel properties

Vessel properties are matched to human properties, yielding a highly reliable replicated anatomy.

Vessel properties can be further customized to fit varying needs.

Human vessel properties

The manufacturing process

All vascular anatomies are printed from patient-specific scans or designs (CT, MRI, 3DRA), literature values, or STLs.

These anatomies include, but are not limited to, aortic and thoracic aneurysms, strokes, cerebral aneurysms and AVMs, aortic valve disease, and more. Further modifications can be made to the geometry of the vessel as well as thickness and lubricious coating upon request.

How to extract data from
your Dicom files

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